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9x12 reproduction on canvas.


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  • Surprisingly, Baltimore has a deep connection with working women (called Hon's) and their flamingos. Every year the city has a festival called Honfest, to celebrate working women in the 1950s. Baltimore Hon's used to stack up their lawns with those plastic flamingos and eventually became a mascot for local residents.

    In participation of Honfest 2019, I wanted to create something to honor the Hons! These three flamingos are done completely digitally. The three of them are women, breaking into the room to strut their confidence and beauty! The skyline in the background is of course, Baltimore MD

  • Many pieces are either the original painting, a framed, unframed or canvas reproduction. All products are shipped through UPS ground and a tracking number will be provided. Please allow 3 business days for the product to ship as all pieces are made to order and 5-8 business days for the product to be delivered. I apologize, but there is no international shipping. There are no returns on purchases. 

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