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your worst critic

is yourself. Lately, I've been in an artistic rut. The last 3 paintings I created I just haven't been able to bring myself to display anywhere. I like to think that art is like lifting weights. Some days you just feel great, the technique feels flawless and you see the best of your capabilities. Whether it's a brush or a barbell, that feeling is like being on top of the world. When in the rut, it's as though I'm learning how to paint all over again. Every brush I pick up feels foreign in my hands and my technique suffers across the entire spectrum. I am in that rut right now, but I know that the great days are coming as well and soon I'll be back on track. I understand that I'm extremely hard on myself and to combat negativity I try to find even a line or a shadow that I like and think to myself "it's not all that bad".

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