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simple life

I live a simple life! When I'm not doing art, I'm in the gym coaching, competing, and practicing CrossFit. I've been addicted to the sport for about 6 years now for many reasons. The group environment takes me back to my time conducting group physical training in the military. With my husband still in the service, we move across the country every 1-3 years. I am constantly in the studio alone, so I seek healthy relationships from the CrossFit community. It's difficult to build and maintain friendships with others when you're constantly moving or alone in the studio space. Every new place we land, my first two priorities are to immerse myself in the local scene and to find a gym to call home. We spend countless hours exploring the local community and discovering what makes each place unique. This includes our search for a gym that feels like a second home, from the atmosphere to the members that make eac

h place wonderful.

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