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art fairs over galleries

Before I joined the Army, I was actively participating in gallery shows. When I left the service, a friend of mine encouraged me to do a small punk rock flea market and I immediately fell in love with the scene. To those not in the punk rock community, it could seem that it's an odd place to sell fine art, but I have hardly ever found such an open, art-loving community. The number of people who stopped and chatted endlessly about the art they love and seek in their lives blew me away. I love the community, and it was there I began to explore art fairs and conventions. The scene and the vibe never disappoint, the other vendors are always warm and friendly, and I can spend my days admiring the diverse demographics that grace us all. The Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market changed how I approach displaying my work. I am forever grateful for that event and the wonderful people attending the show who all positively impacted my life.

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